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Patient Safety Authority 
Job Openings

For more information on the following position or to submit application materials (e.g., cover letter, resume, CV), e-mail No phone calls, please.

Application deadline: December 1, 2016. 


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Patient Safety Authority is proud to be an equal opportunity employer supporting workplace diversity.

The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority (“Authority”) is seeking an experienced Patient Safety Professional to fulfill the role of Executive Director. The Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error Act, Act No. 13 of 2002 (“MCARE Act”), created the Authority as a “body corporate and politic” and an independent agency. The powers and duties of the Authority are vested in and exercised by a Board of Directors (Board), chaired by the Physician General. The Authority’s budget currently exceeds $8mm.

The PA Patient Safety Authority is a recognized national and international leader in patient safety. It was named a recipient of the 2006 John M. Eisenberg Award for advancing patient safety and quality. Presented jointly by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and the National Quality Forum (NQF), the award acknowledged the Authority’s impact on patient safety on a regional level for its efforts in making the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System (PAPSRS) a nationally recognized resource for education and learning about patient safety.

The PA Patient Safety Authority manages extensive databases that collect patient safety data from hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities.  Through dedicated liaisons, the Authority provides constructive feedback to facilities on at risk areas and best practices for patient safety improvement.  The Authority publishes quarterly a nationally recognized peer reviewed journal (The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisory) and is one of the largest education resources for patients, providers and administrators in the Commonwealth, nationally and internationally.

The Executive Directors Position:

The Executive Director is the Chief Executive Officer of the Authority. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director has overall strategic and operational responsibility for the Authority’s staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission of reducing medical errors for the purpose of ensuring patient safety. The Executive Director is an ex-officio member of the Board, the Executive Committee, and all Board Committees except for matters dealing with the Executive Director’s duties or compensation.
The Executive Director reports to the Board and administers the Authority’s daily operations imposed upon it pursuant to Chapters 3 and 4 of the MCARE Act. 

Executive Director’s responsibilities:

  1. Implements strategic direction as determined by Board through Authority initiatives, projects and programs
  2. Manages the interaction and performance of the various Authority programs
  3. Performs research for and provides recommendation to the Board on matters relating to the reduction of medical errors for the purpose of ensuring patient safety
  4. Prepares, implements, and monitors annual budget
  5. Provides suggested annual assessments of licensed health care facilities to Board and ensures collection of revenues through the Pennsylvania Department of Health
  6. Develops staffing plans, positions, position descriptions, compensation levels, and such other material as may be necessary to properly operate and manage Authority activities. 
  7. Hires staff and evaluates performance
  8. Prepares the Authority’s Annual Report for the Board members for submission to the General Assembly as required by law
  9. Establishes interagency agreements, memoranda of understanding and other arrangements necessary to conduct the day to day business operations of the Authority.
  10. Expands the influence of the Authority through involvement in other patient safety organizations
  11. Maintains relationships with PA Department of Health, PHC4 and other state agencies, as appropriate
  12. Ensures adherence to contract requirements. Works with the Finance Director and vendors to resolve the issues and problems regarding contract compliance and service level requirements
  13. Directs the preparation of significant RFP’s and reviews them for propriety and comprehensiveness
  14. Directs the planning of and participates in public speaking events that highlight the accomplishments of the patient safety in Pennsylvania
  15. Participates in national organizations to maintain competency and to represent the interests of the Authority Schedules, plans and provides content for Board meetings
  16. Monitors Board member composition vis-à-vis MCARE Act
  17. Communicates Authority staff activities to Board members
  18. Promotes and enforces Authority and Pennsylvania government ethics policies
  19. Responds to press and other inquiries as necessary

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  1. Understanding of patient safety and the ability to identify patient safety issues relevant to work in Pennsylvania
  2. Ability to work collaboratively and build trusting relationships with governmental and other agencies
  3. Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely, orally and in writing
  4. Effective public speaker
  5. Ability to develop rules, policies and procedures to administer the functions of the Authority and to develop strategies and programs that affect the Authority
  6. Ability to read and interpret Commonwealth and Federal rules, regulations, policies and procedures that impact the work of the Authority
  7. Ability to create and implement a complex budget to effectuate the mission of the Authority
  8. Ability to plan, organize and assign work to subordinates
  9. Ability to supervise professional and administrative employees effectively
  10. Expertise and reputation in patient safety and healthcare quality.
  11. Familiarity with national health policy affecting patient safety and quality

Academic Requirements and Experience: 

  1. Advanced degree, ideally a Masters of Public Health, Masters of Health Care Administration or a Masters of Business Administration, with at least 10 years of senior management experience in patient safety
  2. Track record of effectively leading a regional and/or national performance- and outcomes-based organization and staff; ability to point to specific examples of having developed and operationalized strategies that have taken an organization to the next stage of growth.
  3. Unwavering commitment to patient safety programs and data-driven program evaluation
  4. Excellence in organizational management with the ability to coach staff, manage, and develop high-performance teams, set and achieve strategic objectives, and manage a budget
  5. Past success working with a board of directors


The Executive Director’s primary office will be in Harrisburg, PA

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